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I'm not just HEALED

Daughter, thy faith hath made thee whole; go in peace and be whole of thy plague.
~Mark 5:34 KJV


    Sherene Black is a servant of God who from a tender age has had a passion for serving, outreach and women empowerment. She is a native of the island of Jamaica who now resides in Maryland, USA where she is completing her doctorate in Nephrotoxicology. Sherene is a modern-day prophetic voice, a blogger, 3X Best Selling Co-Author, an International Best Seller for the anthology "Heal Her" and an Ambassador for BuildHer Global Academy, a organization that helps women process their pain and determine their worth. Sherene is passionate about publishing and has mentored many who have become published authors. 

     After having first-hand experiences with rejection, addiction, and suicidal thoughts, Sherene now uses her experiences as a projectile to help catapult others from low mindsets and brokenness to a place of wholeness and purpose. After overcoming much and becoming whole, she is adamant to share how her tests have led to her testimony and how her misery produced ministry. She is confident that there is a purpose for every unwelcome event she faced and purpose gave birth to To date, BeWHOLEHer has completed 2 major outreach in her home country Jamaica and It has gained the attention of many local companies that have donated to the initiative.

     Her testimonies of triumph have been featured in Kish, IAscend Magazine and UpWord Magazine in India. She has also been interviewed on Born Winner Radio Network, Elevation Tv and CVM TV,  Jamaica.


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