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BeWHOLEHer is a multicultural brand that was birth by visionary Sherene Black. This Holy Spirit led mandate, was intricately designed to birth overcomers, who are not just healed but whole. She is dedicated to using her platform to help women and men understand their purpose after trauma, rejection, abuse, addiction etc. 

BeWHOLEHer was founded on the principle of becoming WHOLE as seen in Luke 17 and Mark 5. In both scenarios, WHOLENESS came after having an encounter with Jesus. Truth is, a sickness can be healed by taking prescription medicine but wholeness requires healing coupled with faith and intimacy with God. In today’s society, many desire to be healed as depicted by the 9 lepers but only 1 desired to BE WHOLE! (Luke 17). After multiple doctor visits and medicines, the woman with the issue of blood still had a physical problem. She needed more than to be healed, she needed to be made whole (Mark 5).

Yes there is a difference between healing and wholeness.!!!

Wholeness is complete transformation spiritually and physically, while healing denotes being in good health physically. 

For years Sherene struggled in silence with low self-worth and insecurity. Her identity was ultimately based on the definitions or labels given to her by those she thought valued her. After enduring much turmoil as a child and an adult, she relinquished her will for God’s will and allowed Him to use her past brokenness for His glory. She is passionate about encouraging and motivating women to walk in purpose after pain.

This global brand collaborates with other Nonprofit Organizations to do outreach and to provide pertinent items and empowerment workshops for homeless and abused women in shelters both in the USA and Jamaica. One of the mantra is:

" When you are strengthened, strengthen your brother"~ Luke 22:32



 BeWHOLEHer is a global community, created primarily for women but also aids others who have endured physical and mental abuse, rejection, abandonment, addiction and other traumas. As you engage in the activities and utilize the resources, you will become cognizant of the fact that their is a divine mandate for your mishap. Truth is you are not alone and like many overcame, you can too.


 BeWHOLEHer conducts 2 yearly outreach, provide blogs, strategies, tools, resources and challenges that foster unlocking purpose within that is in dire need of becoming WHOLE. 

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