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God Says To Tell You......

As I sat and enjoyed my Sunday dinner with Sis Barbara, God said to me SO IT IS IN THE SPIRITUAL; SO IT WILL BE IN THE NATURAL. Immediately I knew this was a NOW WORD for His people and that there was about to be an alignment and merging of the spiritual and natural realm.

Over the last few years, we have all been faced with increases in gas and food prices. Some with death, sickness, foreclosure, anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, etc. We see the evidence of famine and the repercussions of the war between Ukraine and Russia and I am sure you have wondered, GOD WHERE ARE YOU? DO YOU REALLY SEE THIS?

God says..... assure my people that nothing happens in the natural that I am not aware of.

"For I Your God, I am in control of everything that you are seeing, everything you have faced and will face. I have also seen the tears you have cried, the times you were at the end of the rope. I have seen the corruption on the land, I have seen the injustice, NOTHING HAS CAUGHT ME BY SURPRISE. For I the Lord have allowed it to happen for a greater good. You may not understand now, but remember my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are my ways your ways.

For in these last days, the tare and the wheat shall grow together until the day of harvest.....BUT THE HARVEST IS HERE. You who have suffered for my name's sake and now you shall reap abundantly. For I shall wipe away the tears from your eyes. I will restore what the enemy took from you. For my hand of favor was released in the spiritual and now you shall see the manifestation in the natural (on Earth, in your life).

Yes, there will still be turmoil but those who remained steadfast in me shall be preserved like I did the Children of Israel in Goshen. For I have released a Goshen anointing on the JUST. Even in famine, you will experience plenty. In war, you shall experience peace. By faith, you shall experience supernatural breakthroughs that you did not work or tarry for. I am doing it because this is the Kairos moment for the remnant who did not turn to vanity, sorcery, nor turn to the prophets of Baal. Because you kept your ears inclined to the truth and your eyes on me in the hardest season of your life, I will make this the best season of your life.

Get ready because any day now, you shall be WOWED!!!. You will say, THAT WAS DEFINITELY GOD.!! For what I will do in your life this time, no one shall get the glory. What took you years will now take you moments to accomplish.

My daughter, my son, everything I have prepared for you in the spiritual has now been released in the natural.

Remain steadfast in me, continue to pray, and be watchful.


*Goshen - the place where God preserved, protected, and provided plenty for the Children of Israel during the famine in Egypt. Gen 45:7-11

*Kairos - a Greek word meaning God's opportune time when conditions are right to accomplish things.

6/5/22 Prophetic Release.

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