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I truly believe Holy Spirit speaks to me more on Sundays than He does any other day LOL. That being said the Lord took me to the Book of Daniel specifically chapters 9 & 10 and they will be the foundation for this word that He gave me for You.

Both chapters speak of Prophet Daniel's earnest prayer for restoration for the *Children of Israel who were in Babylonian captivity because of their disobedience. Daniel humbled himself, confessed their sins, and asked God to have mercy upon them. I am sure we are all familiar with what happened next. In summary, the scripture tells us that Daniel who was a Prophetic Dreamer prayed to God for interpretation of his dream and God heard his prayers IMMEDIATELY, however his prayers were held up by the *Prince of Persia for 21 days (3 WEEKS!!)

During the wait for his prayer to be answered, He went into a three-week period of mourning, fasting, and prayer. When the messenger angel finally came to Daniel, he spoke of how God had to send His *Archangel Michael to help him win the battle against that agent of the devil who was trying to hinder God's response to the dream.

As I questioned God about why the story of Daniel he began to minister to me:

For the Lord said, like Daniel, many have been seeking Him in prayer and their prayers have been held up by the enemy. Many have become doubtful thinking that I their God have been withholding my promises from them.

For the Lord says PRESS ON, PRESS ON, PRESS ON, for like I did Daniel, I have done for you. I have released my mighty angels on assignment to fight with and against anything that has contended with the promises I have released to you.

Then the Lord spoke to me about NUMBER 3.

3 biblically represents: The Trinity, Divine Completeness and Resurrection

For in this season, God says nothing will be able to stand in the way of your breakthrough. For the Triune God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) has issued a stop order against the enemy and much of the prayers you have forgotten about will now RESURRECT. No longer will it take you decades to receive a response. For God says like Daniel, answers are coming for some in the next: 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months and there will be manifestation up to the next 3 years and beyond. For this is still the season of *restitution says the Spirit of the Lord.

For many of my mouthpieces that I have called to speak My mind, will and heart have been experiencing much doubt, fear, spiritual attacks, and mental torments. No more says the Lord!!. For I will wipe away the tears from their eyes and restore long-lasting joy to their heart. For I know this has been one of the most difficult seasons of your life but because you have stayed in prayer and fasting, I shall reward you. Great shall be your reward on the Earth and in Heaven.

Be Watchful, Prepare, and Stand in Anticipation.

Your time is NOW.

The Angels are coming with your answers.

* Children of Israel- God's chosen people. Those in covenant with God

* Prince of Persia- a fallen angel working under the directions of Satan who hindered the messenger angel sent to Daniel ( Daniel 10:13)

* Archangel Michael- great captain, the leader of the heavenly hosts, and the angel of justice and truth who fights on behalf of God's children.

* Restitution- the season of great restoration when that which was stolen or delayed for you will be released.


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