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My Score Means Something!

Happy BlogDay

For over a week the Holy Spirit has been nudging me to revisit the topic of FORGIVENESS. If you have not seen that vlog, go check it out and come back!

From that vlog, we know that forgiveness is the conscious and intentional act of letting go of resentment, pain, or vengeance you have towards an individual or a group of persons who have hurt you.

When you don't forgive, it keeps you trapped and prevents you from a deeper intimacy with God. It also keeps you bitter, isolated, condemned, and in offense.

Matthew 6:15 declares, "but if you refuse to forgive others, your Father will not forgive your sins." Is that a place you want to be in? A place where God does not forgive your sins?

God is requiring you to forgive:

1. Those who have hurt you

2. Those you have hurt

3. Yourself ........

For today, the big question as we go deeper into the topic is....


When God is trying to get more out of us, He will often have us revisit a topic. Understand that forgiveness is not always easy depending on who hurt you and how long ago it happened. It is however possible to forgive. Keep in mind, some people should never be allowed in your inner circle again HOWEVER...... you must be able to see them and not get angered. Forgiveness is a process, so don't be too hard on yourself.

For today, I have created a quiz that will help you determine if you are struggling with unforgiveness. Please see the grading scale:

  • Score 11 or Higher = Forgiveness looks good on you.

  • Score 10-7 = There is still work to do.

  • Score 6 and below = It's Time to Forgive.

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