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When A Man Loves A Woman

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"When a Man Loves a Woman," is an all-time favorite R&B, soul song of many. It was recorded by Michael Bolton in 1989 on the Time, Love and Tenderness Album. This version of the song reached number one on the U.S. pop and adult contemporary singles chart. It also became the seventh song in history to top the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Bolton also received a Grammy Award for this song as sales and replays rocketed.

Currently, the song has been viewed over 161 million times on the Michael Bolton Vevo on Youtube.

With this much accolade, one would certainly think that the lyrics of the song depict the true expression and definition of love. Can a human really display the ultimate meaning behind unconditional love? Does a human have the capability to love without boundaries? Can they love you even when you are unlovable? Will they still love you knowing you have the potential to hurt them?

Well, let me take this opportunity to introduce many to The Man Who Truly Loves A Woman. The Man who shows us love even we are undeserving. The Man who loved us enough to die for us. The Man whose name is the definition of love!!! One of the greatest love we will ever experience is the unconditional love of God. He loved us enough to send His only son Jesus to die on the cross for us. Today as we focus on the theme of LOVE, keep in mind that LOVE died for us over 2000 years ago. Even during death, He loved us enough to leave us the precious Holy Spirit who is also the epitome of love.

Rest in comfort, knowing that, unlike a counterpart, friends or families, etc. who are likely to be unstable in their feeling of love towards us, God's love will never change. His love is not based on our actions, religion or race. His love is based on who He is; He is LOVE.

Have a great Monday.

Be reminded "God who is Love, sent His son Love to die on the cross. At the cross, He loved us enough to leave us with Love!"

By Sherene Black

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