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As you embark on the journey of becoming a better you, it is our duty to encourage and assure you that you are not alone. As a community we are geared towards helping you overcome. If you are in a crisis that needs urgent attention, be sure to contact: Local Pastor or Leader, Counselor, Therapist, Life coach, Spiritual Midwife, Police etc.
Other resources are listed below to help you win.
Mesothelioma is a rare but very deadly lung cancer with a typical prognosis of one to two years. This has caused mental health concerns Due to the diagnosis, mental health concerns for patients and their families. Click for more information

Nicole R Dudley
Domestic Violence Advocate and Trauma & Recovery Coach. Help women acknowledge their pain, heal their hurt, and discover their purpose. 

Tonya B Ratliff
Apostle, Life coach and purpose midwife. Provides strategies and tools to help women birth purpose

Transformed to Transform
Helps women in unhealthy relationship, recover and live a full life of focus and clarity.

BuildHer Global Academy
Helps women determine their worth after experiencing trauma and rejection. Offers 12 months and 4 weeks Mentorship session.

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